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The new “Google Play Edition phones show subtle changes in Android OS

Galaxy S4 HTC One Google Play Editions
Google's new Galaxy S4 and HTC One 'Google Play Edition" phones go on sale today - and an unexpected touch devices give us an insight into some subtle changes that occur on the way to the Android . I use both the phone for about a day now(see " As for the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition they are actually like to use "for a detailed look on my experiences). While both phones are running Android 4.2.2 - the latest version of the operating system and the same version that is on devices such as Nexus 4 - they use a more recent build, which displays some slight but ... Read the rest of this entry...
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Galaxy S4 Barcelona 7 weeks later, the phone will impress

Galaxy S4 Revisited
Google Image Android Galaxy S4 lands in less than a week, and that means the time is near for comparison contemplative. Because it was about seven weeks of I reviewed the original Galaxy S4 , I decided to phone again to reacquaint themselves with it and see if my experience has evolved. I spent a few weeks living with the device in April, but it was quite a long time - and fresh eyes often can provide a fresh perspective . So, without further ado, here's what I found when moving GS4 round to second round • Do not sugarcoat it: build quality of the phone ... Read the rest of this entry...

Android 4.4 update list: Is the device more KitKat

Android 4.4 Upgrade List
? Prepare for Android fans: Android 4.4 operating system, Google - aka KitKat - officially unpack and grow throughout the world. KitKat introduces a handful new accents visual , along with lots fresh features and under-the-hood functionality from the renewed application Phone with built-in search for a new e-mail application and system access -Wide Cloud Storage. And, of course, there are many Polish added by the platform too. So ​​how do you know if your phone or tablet will get a KitKat - and if so, when the update will arrive? I made it easy. This list has everything you need to know ... Read the rest of this entry...

Moto X Pure Edition vs 2014 Moto X: A quick comparison camera

Moto X Pure Edition Camera(1)
For all of its many advantages, one area in which 2014 Moto X did not exactly excel was in the realm of photography. The phone took enough pictures - roughly the average for the device's caliber. - But it's offers a unique section imaging, especially compared to the more impressive flagship stock are concentrated made by other manufacturers new Moto X Pure Edition Motorola promises a significant improvement in the quality of the camera of your phone. So whether the device actually deliver? I have a lot more to say on this topic in my upcoming revision of the real world, but for now, I wanted to share an early look ... Read the rest of this entry...

Google offers $150 credit to supplement the data Chromebook defeat

Chromebook Pixel Verizon Data Plan
Good news for owners of Google LTE Chromebook Pixel : After my report that data plans for the device were disconnected prematurely , Google is speeding up to make things right LTE Chromebook Pixel is originally sold with a free two-year plan for Mobile Broadband from Verizon - 100MB per month, with the option of buying large amounts of data on a pay-as-you-go basis, as needed. But, as reported yesterday, Verizon plans to stop honoring the middle of this two-year term. Customer support measures for the carrier said Pixel owners were not aware of any commitment two years, despite the clear online documentation to the contrary. No wonder that reneging ... Read the rest of this entry...